Phil Delaney, Manager-Partner Services, CRC for Spatial Information

Phil currently manages the research and investment programs for both Smart Cities and Agricultural Innovation programs at the CRC for Spatial Information. This role is involves long term strategy development and execution, business development, and program and project management. Phil is also the Executive Officer for the 2026 Spatial Industry Growth Agenda (www.2026agenda.com). Phil is an accredited GIS Professional (GISP) with 10 years experience across private industry, research and government. His primary background is in GIS and imagery analysis, and he has worked across a broad range of application industries, including urban planning, retail, agriculture, renewable energy and natural resource management. Phil was the recipient of the 2014 Young Professional of the Year award at the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards.


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Greening the Greyfields: Closing gap between technology, policy and communities


What will you learn: Developing technology is easy – solving community and policy problems is hard Councils can help to guide the development process rather than just responding to market forces Spatial is not just digital – hands on engagement with physical models can improve engagement with many people Who would benefit from hearing this […]

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